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Mar 02, 2010

As many others, I have struggled with the extra poundage for most of my life.  My first diet was as a sophomore in high school.  I have been fairly successful on the many diets, but like everyone else, cannot keep the weight off for any real length of time.  Spent many years in the military and lots of time on remedial physical fitness programs, which required getting up very early in the morning for mandatory exercise.  Some how made it through all that only to retire and really start packing on the pounds because I've been pretty much a couch potato.  I do have an active job as a nurse, but other than that, nothing in the way of regular exercise.  Two years ago I started having hip pain and found out I had osteoarthritis in both hips.  The first was replaced in December 2008, and the other is starting to go now too.  Last summer I found out I have NASH, a more severe form of fatty liver disease.  My Dr. says the lap band may or may not help reverse that.  So although my BMI isn't that bad,  I'm pretty much desperate to have this done to save me from a potential liver transplant, or worse, down the road.  When I joined the military  I weighed 135, and at my highest I was 235 which I cannot believe.  How did that happen?  I am the single mom to 4 kids.  My oldest is grown and out the door, but still have 3 at home 18,16 and 13.  My youngest has special needs, Down Syndrome and type 1 diabetes, so I need to be here for her especially.  All my kids are very supportive of my decision to do this, but I am very grateful this web site and support system are here to help me too.


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