I just turned 40 in July. I have been an LPN for 11 years. I have been obese all of my life. I have 2 gorgeous children and 4 rambunctious stepsons!

My husband is the love of my life and he's the most supportive person I have ever met.

I quit smoking in Nov 2013. I started the process to return to school to get my RN and will begin on 8/25, one more week. So to add to my daily craziness I thought what I really need to be doing is losing all of this excess weight so that I am not hurting everytime my feet hit the floor.

So in June I began my journey to Gastric bypass surgery. My highest weight was 355. I am now down to 320 with medical supervised weight loss and the surgeons plan.

I am only waiting on insurance to approve so that I can have the RNY.

I'm ready to start my life over at 40 with a new outlook on weight loss and hitting the books!

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Aug 04, 2014
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