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"Haven't seen him yet, however, his office reception staff has been very kind in setting my up an appt, and telling me what I have to get done. rnrn10/03/06 Went to the office and had a consultation with Dr. Kettelle. He's the surgeon who gets to study with my surgeon for a year, before going back to his home and opening up a practice there. I was sent a packet before this visit to fill out, along with lab slips and an xray slip. I went to a seminar a month prior, and my psych eval was faxed to them the day of my appointment. Everyone in the office including the doctors were very thorough, not only that but are very patient and understanding, and actually treat you like a person, not like you're in an hmo mill. rnrn11/13/06 I took the check into his office to pay for the surgery, and the girl at the desk told me they only schedule on Wednesdays, Thrusdays and Fridays, and only after 12 noon. It was Monday at 10am. I tried to be patient, but I didn't hear all that when she told me, so I actually walked into the office to see if I could schedule surgery, and the girl who schedules it doesn't many differnet things besides scheduling surgery. The girl told me again about the Wednesday after noon, but I kept hearing the Charlies Brown teacher voice. I was in a state of shock really I think. The next day I called before noon, and she told me for a third time that they don't schedule until after noon. What was my deal? I never forget things like that. I apologized profusely for seeming impatient, and that I'm sorry I was bugging them so much, I just didn't know what had come over me. So I called her back at 2pm that same day and we schduled. rnrnSo far, I've had nothing but good experiences with him and his office staff. I couldn't be more pleased with my pick in surgeons.rnrn11/28/06rnWent to my pre-op appointment today, and everything was great. Bluma is Dr. Felix's wife and she was great at explaining everything to us and what's going to happen. I don't even know where I'll have the time or the space to eat! My mom and I met with Dr. Felix and he was very kind. He answered our simple questions and that was that, and i'm so ready. I can't wait to be post-op!!rnrn12/11/06 rnI've heard that there aren't very nice things being said about Dr. Felix and his competence in surgery. It makes me very angry, especailly since I just went through a very serious complication myself, and Dr. Felix, along with Dr. Kettelle and Dr. Swartz, all three of them helped saved my life in many, many different ways. Yeah, I was in the hospital for a total for 9-10 days, and was stuck in the arms and hands 23 times, and now look like a herion patient, but if they hadn't of run the test, and if my veins wouldn't have blown up from the I.V.'s I probably would have considered my *entire* experience great. rnrnHowever, my experience with Dr. Felix was beyond great. There isn't a word I can think of to describe how great that man and his associates are. I feel like they saved my life. I can't thank them enough for what they've done for me, and I'd pick Dr. Felix as a surgeon a bazillion times over if I had to pick a surgeon again. I really can't believe someone would say they had a bad experience with him at all. If you're mature, and you really do know what you're getting into, then you know what the risks are, and if you chose Dr. Felix, you should know that you *can* put your life in his hands, and *know* you're going to be alright. "
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