Daily Mantra-I'm going to be held accountable.

Jun 20, 2010

Accountable, accountable, accountable.  I always want to post, "what am I doing wrong!!?" and yet, I know enough of the non-bullshitters out there will set me straight.  Only I know what I'm doing wrong...and of course, when I look back on my journey, that whiny, apathetic towards weight loss part of me won't think...'Remember that donut that you had an affair with last week?  It's now attached itself to your left thigh and it won't go away for about a month without hardcore, butt kicking workouts'....

So here I am.  This will be my log, (pleaseletmekeepitup, pleaseletmekeepitup)...Good intentions only being half the battle, my wonderful willpower that was once strong enough to drive me through a blizzard to get a Big Mac has seemed to disappear when I really need it.  I'm just pissed off enough to try to turn the tides.  

Today I woke up at the lake.  Yesterday was a non-stop gorgefest of good and bad.  I craved the good, I was offered the bad and I caved on both.  What's good about that plate of cheese and fish if I follow it up with two doritos?  So today was a new day.  I started out with coffee...and about two tablespoons of milk.  Not much of a coffee drinker but up here in the Northwest, we're drowning in cold dismal days and nothing colder and more dismal than being at the lake on a rainy day.  My brother offered me a bite of his subway sandwich to illustrate how hot it was...so one bite of chicken with super hot stuff sandwich with a whole wheat bun was breakfast (and it was hot)...
My uncle had us stay at the cabin for an extra two hours and in that two hours, I hate 4 more Doritos and some sort of protein bar but I have no idea what the nutritional info was because the box had been thrown away.  It was really good so I'm sure it was horrible for me.  It had Chex cereal in it...pretty sure that alone should have tipped me off to it being not on the VSG approved list.  For dinner, I had half of the remaining sandwich.  I had one spicy pepperoni stick on the way home.  For desert, one red velvet lite Yoplait...(yogurt is my new go-to for something sinful without the sin)....
All in all, a slow come back for the foodgasm of yesterday.  Tomorrows meals are planned out, looking to stick between 500-600 calories and getting all of my protein in.  So far, so good.  =c)


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