I had my day planned...and then...

Jun 21, 2010

I did great this morning.  Protein shake-CHECK!  Then...3/4 oz cheese w/5 wheat thins...snack...happy with that.  Whole wheat is good for us, it's balanced, there was protein in the crackers.  I'm not sure if I'm justifying or making valid choices with those.
Then lunch came.  Wheat thins again, smothered in ricotta cheese and some pate'...protein central!  8 wheat thins.  *sigh*  that makes almost an entire serving size=150 calories, 2 g's of protein...
Then dinner...ah, nummy dinner.  I had a fish fillet.  No clue how many grams of protein are in a tiger trout, but we pan fried them in evoo and garlic.  The bone was left in so most of the serving size was bone...and I had 1/3 cup of yellow zucchini squash. 

Are we always going to question everything we eat?   Maybe that's a good thing.  I mean, it was a great deal of work to get up to 350lbs.  I didn't question any food choice.  The more the better, that was the rule.  Now...I question every calorie, every gram of sodium, every carb and every protein gram.  

Everyone has their own plan, their own ideas.   Daily, on the board, I hear advice that others completely disagree with.  What would have been amazing eating decisions 5 years ago for me are now subject to constant scrutinization. 

As I sit here, I'm not hungry.  I'm not craving bread...or anything for that matter.  I'm completely content.  It's 4.5 months out...I think my stall is breaking.  I hope it's breaking.  I'd like to see 195.  I'm at the point where each pound is now a goal not yet acknowledged.  

Exercise wise...I hope sex counts.  Even if he does all the work, I darn well hope it counts.  I've been crampy and nauseated all day long...so...*sigh* walking and sex is all I could fit into my busy work schedule.  I did walk across the yard to the garden to gripe about the beans smothering the tomatoes.  

I have a feeling that my weight loss journey isn't going to be this exciting new discovery path...more like a slow and steady walkabout...

As I mentioned before, I'm content...so I guess that's good enough for me.  


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