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Jun 25, 2010

Okay, so today was better than the past couple of days.  Maybe my body is adjusting, or else...my body just really liked dinner. 

I had my usual shake this morning, chocolate peanut butter muscle milk lite...

For lunch, I planned it out.  I dumped a serving size of each...refried beans (1/2 cup) and then ricotta cheese (1/4 cup) and then cottage cheese (1/2 cup) and then micro'd it and melted it all together.  Well, it wasn't gross!  I was surprised.  Anyhow, here's a rundown, I'm kinda tired still so I'll copy and paste.  Of course, I can't discount the calories when my husband takes a bit of whatever I'm eating.  I couldn't finish my lunch, so I saved it for dinner...and I couldn't finish my spinach or my tuna...but, altogether, I think it's close!  
Calories 611  
Total Fat 9.4 g 14%
   Saturated Fat 3.6 g 18%
   Trans Fat 0 g  
   Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1 g  
   Monounsaturated Fat 0 g  
Cholesterol 94.1 mg 31%
Sodium 1740 mg 73%
Potassium 1758 mg 37%
Total Carbohydrate 46.9 g 16%
   Dietary Fiber 11.7 g 47%
   Sugar 14.1 g  
Protein 83.5 g 167%
Cookies and Cream Muscle Milk Light (2 scoops) Calories: 195, Fat: 6g, Carbs: 11g, Sugar: 2g, Protein: 25g unfavorite  edit edit Source: Marci M. Calories: 195, Fat: 6g, Carbs: 11g, Sugar: 2g, Protein: 25g  


remove Rosarita Spicy Jalapeno Refried Beans (1 /2 cup (8 Tbs)) Calories: 120, Fat: 2.5g, Carbs: 18g, Sugar: 1g, Protein: 6g unfavorite  edit edit Source: Darlene G. remove cottage cheese (fat free) (1 /2 C) Calories: 80, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 6g, Sugar: 5g, Protein: 14g unfavorite  edit edit Source: heidig remove Ricotta Cheese Fat Free (62 g (1/4 cup)) Calories: 40, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 5g, Sugar: 5g, Protein: 5g unfavorite  edit edit Source: YoliDada Calories: 240, Fat: 2.5g, Carbs: 29g, Sugar: 11g, Protein: 25g  


remove Spinach, frozen, chopped or leaf, unprepared (1 cup) Calories: 45, Fat: 0.9g, Carbs: 6.6g, Sugar: 1g, Protein: 5.7g unfavorite  edit edit Source: USDA remove Onions, young green, tops only (1 tbsp) Calories: 1.5, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0.3g, Sugar: 0.1g, Protein: 0.1g unfavorite  edit edit Source: USDA remove Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna (5 oz. Drained) Calories: 130, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0g, Sugar: 0g, Protein: 28


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