Jun 27, 2010

This isn't some pornographic blog...but  was thinking this morning...I'm not a type A personality.  Oh, with money, sure...but I work with a bank.  Everything else, I'm live and let live.  Choices are awesome...I want to celebrate individual choices.  But it got me to thinking...Are people called "anal" because they over analyze things?  Or are they called anal because they went to Tight Ass University and at graduation, got a large stick shoved up their ass  (I work with a girl whom I'm pretty sure went there and has yet to remove the stick from her ass).  Lately...I've been wondering...does it make a difference when it comes to WLS and food?  I've been so anal about all of this...stick up ass type anal and the "I over analyze everything" type anal.
Yesterday was so busy, I didn't track what I ate.  And really...I got a bite here, a bite there...had some good steak last night as my hubby bbq'd.  I've been hovering between 199 and 196...so today I got to 195 *again*.  I had a bite of McDonalds yogurt parfait w/granola, one protein shake, coffee with creamer and...steak.  And a fudgebar.  

I think about food constantly in an effort to plan.  Keep the calories down, keep the sodium down, keep the fat down, keep the protein up.  I didn't feel hungry at all.  Not once.  Although no clue if I got my protein in.  I know I at least got 25g's of it (protein shake)...and more due to the bite of yogurt and the...oh!  I forgot...I had a mixture of ricotta cheese, refried beans and cottage cheese...micro'd.  1/4 cup of each...so...3/4 cup of that little mixture (with  cayenne pepper in it).

I had one bite of a crazy mac noodle to test doneness...but the dish was for my hubby.

Down a pound.  Oh, I'm sure it will go up again...but I'll be hovering one pound lighter. 

Then again, it could be that I just realized that my scale may not have been level. 


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