Stall?! What stall?!

Jun 30, 2010

I kept thinking I've been stalling for 3 weeks.  I haven't.  I looked it up.  I've been this weight since 6/15.  I reach 195 every morning, after I comb my hair *since I'm losing my hair, I figured that if I comb it out, I'll lose an ounce...or a pound or such*...
I go for the marathon BM, shake myself awake (I heard that you're a dead weight if you're tired...gotta be awake and perky for my weigh-in).  195.  By the end of the day, I'm 197-198.  On a particularly depressing day, I reach 199, go for another BM and get to 198 or even, 197.  

I started my period today.  Hoping that this will break the mental stall as well.  Everything is going decently good in life right now.  I got a new manager who adores me, hence my job doesn't suck.  I have this uber amazing hubby who loves me to pieces.  I may have to have my gallbladder removed (on the bright side...that could lose me what...5oz of extra weight?) 
I have a cyst hanging around on my ovary...it has to be removed.  Bright side on that, I have vacation coming up so it won't interfere with anyone at work (they get really cranky when I have emergency surgery or when my mom died...)  Life isn't perfect, but it's high up there on the human interaction part.  

I'm trying to be positive about being a bit stuck at 195.  I hope to wake up any day and see 194...or even better, 185 *I lost 10lbs  overnight once and celebrated with popcorn like a moron and gained it all back plus 2 lbs...I'm still working that off*

I try to be realistic for my goals.  I remember reading about people who'd had the surgery in September...and by January, they'd lost 40-50-60 lbs...I was so impressed with their success.  I'd turn around to my husband and show him my screen and say, HEY!  Look...this is what they did!  I mean, seriously, I had the lapband for over a year and my weight was substantial, but most of it was lost in a 4 month period of being too sick to eat because of the lapband.  I've lost that amount now in 4.5 months.  How can I keep forgetting how much I rock and how much my sleeve rocks?  I had no delusions...I knew I wasn't going to wake up skinny.  Sometimes I wish I could kick my own ass. 

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