What on earth!?

Jan 20, 2012

The first week of my New Years resolution...I started paying attention to what I ate...and I was fine...lost from 209 to 203...and then without any changes, I went from 203 to 208.  No reason as to why that I can see.  Logged all of my food.  Reviewed it.  Nothing.  So, desperate Jen's call for desperate measures...I figured out my Weight Watchers daily allowance under the points plus program...27 points is what I've discovered from the formula derived from multiple internet sites. 

Thanks to the sleeve, this is easy peasy...I'm not hungry, I can easily stay within 25-27 points and I'm actually enjoying researching all the products to discover their points.  I also get the 35 extra a week which again, thanks to the sleeve, I have never actually tapped into.  So, I've been doing this for approximately 2 weeks.  

2 weeks.  I weighed myself today...I'm at 208.  2-0-8.  2 weeks.  I'm getting my protein in...thanks to a protein shake that gives me 52 grams of protein and is low sugar and low carb...it's only 6 points on weight watchers...

I've always been a slow loser...but it's because I've been so relaxed with it all...I've not the anal-losing-weight person...and I assumed that was the cause of the low weight.  I walk around for 8 hours a day...I'm not totally sitting on my tush.  

Any ideas?  I'm just stumped...

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