I've never written on here!

Jan 25, 2011

Well..I guess I've been on here awhile and I've never even written on here! I had my surgery in November and I got cleared yesterday to eat regular foods...the things I have been CRAVING are vegetables, especially salads. I had a little bit of spinach salad today and it was the best thing I've ever tasted in my entire life. Isn't that funny? Of all things..I made it through Christmas and all I wanted were the veggies. I've been dying to crunch and chew. 

Things have been going well. I've had the "foamies" a few times...the things they tell you about, eating too fast, things that are too dry, not chewed well enough etc... but I haven't dumped yet, thank God!  I'm being really careful to follow the rules and not eat sugar etc...

I'm very excited because I just had my labs done and my cholesterol has dropped from 259 to 170.  My blood pressure is 106 over 60 without medicine and my vitamin levels are great.  So..I'm healthier already. LOVE MY RNY!!  I've gone from 262 to 213 since the beginning of my preop diet (251 to 213 since surgery)..can't complain. I've hit a couple of stalls..but I've expected that.
I've connected with some people on here and even met up with them at the support group my surgeon has which is SO nice.

That's my short/current story!! Heather

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