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"dr roye was very nice at first when i met him i thought he was kind and i went through with my surgery he did get me through the surgery but from day one i have been very sick so at about 8 weeks into the ordeal i had very bad burning in throat and stomach so i went to local er they sent me to rhode island and dr roye 8 hours later after going home told me it was not surgical and nothing he could do for me and sent me home well here it is 3 weeks later spent 8 days in local hospital low potassium could of caused heart attack and took all kinds of medicines and still no answer i wish he would help me so i can eat again and get on with my life i called his office yesterday and waited all day and not even one call back its like he doesnt even care about my situation i started out at 506lbs im under 400lbs i cant even move im so weak from no nutrition ....i wanted to go to a rehab or something maybe they could help me but nobody has any answers for me i just feel like im fading fast and i hope dr roye ends up helping me in the end...and when i was in the er in rhode island i told him i dont want to end up in the er again and i said it was a lot of work for the fire dept to get me out of the house again because i live on a hill and im to weak to walk down the stairs he said he did not care i said you can pay for the fire dept bill he told me that he would never pay a dime and walked out on me in the er while i was still crying and the er dr came in and said he was sorry for the way dr roye treated me ....dr roye if you ever read this i thought you would have a little human compassion i would like for you to see how it is to burn 24 hours a day not being able to eat and watch your family watch you cry 24 hours a day...maybe someday you will understand how much grief you have caused me this is only my opion i know you all love him but my expereience has not been positive"
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