Stallone high protein pudding

"I really liked this product. It has everything a bariatric patient looks for. High protein, low fat, sugar, and carbs. The taste is great. I would recommend and buy Stallone high protein pudding if it were not so expensive. That is it's downfall, it costs way to much."

Gail Denuccio

"Dr. D is avery caring person. She wants to know her patients ands spends time with them listening to them and explaining things to them. She is a very good Dr. I give her 4 stars****"

Arthur Carlin

" I don't get to choose my surgeon. My insurance co. tells me where I will have the surgery done. The hospital will then assign a surgeon to me. I do know that I will be going through Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit. I've heard that they are very plesant but strict. Everyone I've spoken to tells me Wanda is wonderful, and so are the Doctors. I can't wait to meet them all. I've found out that my surgeon will be Dr. Carlin. I have heard wonderfull things about him. I will meet him on august 10th. at 9:00am. I met Dr. Carlin today. I was impressed. He's a very intelligent, down to earth kind of person. Dr Carlin is very easy to talk to. I can honestly say that I have never been so open with any Dr. before this. He made me feel very comfortable. He even asked me if he could examine me, before he did. Not the usual ok up on the table Kind of thing. I'm happy that he is my surgeon.:-) I am very confident with Dr. Carlin, and I did get to choose my surgeon after all. So far everyone at Henry Ford that I've met, or talked to on the phone have been wonderful. They treat people like people. What a GREAT place my insurance hooked me up with."
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