Two Weeks Post-Op

Aug 24, 2010

Today is two weeks post-op and I am happy to report that I have lost a total of 18 pounds in those two weeks.  I am now down 45 pounds since I started the pre-op diet at the end of May 2010. 
This feels great!  It's the most successful I have ever been.   
Things are going well.  I am drinking my water, drinking my double milks, and have a bit of yogurt or a bit of cream soup once or twice a day.  It is hard to get all three double milks in at this point.  
Exercise is going well.  I take 30 minute walks daily...some days I take two. 
My incisions are healing nicely.  The glue is slowly wearing off...of course it's itchy...but at least I have had little to no pain post-op.  Very thankful for that!!  
My next post-op appointment at the University is September 10th.  I did call them this past Monday about my dark stools.  Was a little worried that maybe I had an upper GI bleed or something.  They reassured me that it is most likely dark because of the iron.  And my one episode of light headedness in the shower is probably due to slight dehydration.  So I am trying to up my liquid intake.  My blood pressure is awesome!!  I still can't believe that I have not taken my bp meds since the day of surgery.  Wow!!  Major wow!!!  :0)  I had been on meds for years.   I hope I never need them again.   Of course getting off those doesn't mean that I have less meds and vitamins to take!  I actually have more now with the prilosec (for 30 days) and the actigall (for 9 months) and the slew of vitamins.  I made a schedule and check thngs off so I don't forget to take everything.  I need to dig out the medicine sorter that hubby used when he first started out.  He doesn't use it he is so used to taking his daily vitamins.  Personally, I am afraid I will forget if I don't have a check off or pre-sorted set.  I am sure in time it will become a habit though.  
This week we are easing back into our home school schedule.  Next week we should be going full swing.  My oldest (4th grader this year) is going to instrument selection day on Monday.  He has the opportunity to play in the home school assistance groups  beginner band.  He thinks he wants to play the trumpet or the drums.  Who knows what he will actually decide on though.  :0)  I hope he doesn't change his mind.   
Well, that's it for this update.  Unless something really WOW happens...I will plan to update after my Sept. appt.  


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