6 weeks out...

Sep 22, 2010

Wow..has it really been six weeks since surgery?!  I weighed in this morning... I lost 5 pounds this week!  Yay!  So, I am now down 33 pounds, post-op.  And down 60 pounds, since starting this journey back in May.  =)  Wow!  It's really happening... I have never lost this much weight before.  
I have my birth control appt. in two days.  Probably a good thing!  I have pcos, been through fertility treatments with no success..and never worried about birth control.  But it seems that the system has decided to start working after all these years.  Not sure that I am fertile, but suspect that it is very possible.  So, I guess the timing is right to get things taken care of.  Still not sure if we will pursue a pregnancy in the future..but know that we must wait a year to 18 months before we even entertain the idea.  
Let's see, other thoughts or feelings I am having now...  I guess one thing I have been thinking lately is that I am wondering if food will ever be pleasurable again.  It's really weird.  I get kinda excited about trying something and it sounds really good to my brain.  But then I find that while eating it or shortly after, the pleasure or rush that I used to feel after eating something tasty is not there.  In fact I tend to not be interested in that item again.  Hmmm...  For example, I have made the refried beans with a little melted cheese and a taste of guacamole.  While it was good to have something different, I now have no desire to eat it again.  It sat well with my pouch too.  And then last night I made myself some plain greek yogurt with a little sugar-free cheesecake pudding mixed in and topped with a couple cherries.  Yum..cherry cheesecake!!  But guess what?!  No real pleasure was derived from it.  And after I ate it, I decided that I am not interested in having it again.  What?!!!  The old me would have ate the whole thing and then probably made myself another because it was so yummy.  I wonder, is this how normal people feel about food?  Has my tastes changed?  Will the pleasure return?  In some ways, I suppose feeling this way about food will make the journey easier.  But it's just odd.  Has my love affair with food ended after all these years? 


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