It's been a while...

Jan 11, 2009

since I have posted a blog. Things are going WONDERFUL since my surgery. I have discovered that I DO NOT have a dumping syndrome. But if I do try to push it too far, I will get a little bit of a tummy ache. But just because I have discovered that, I don't make a habit of being a bad girl. The end reward of being healthy means more to me than some sweets! Besides who really needs that crap in their body anyways!?

I have a ton of fun tiring on my kid's clothes. Not that they totally fit me, they are obviously tight, but just the fact that I can put my arm into something of theirs is awesome! I love being able to shop in the "normal" size clothes, who knew they were so much cheaper then "plus sized" clothes! lol.

I have posted a list of WOW moments on my myspace blog. Feel free to add me and check them out!


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