Confession time..

Jan 22, 2009

So I decided to confess some of my bad habits I have been exhibiting, that way I don't feel quite as bad for them, lol. Lately I have found myself thinking that I can eat what ever I want. I have been munching on cookies, I had 2 chicken strips from McDonald's, and I have been eating more carbs then I should. I haven't gained any weight, but this has caused me to be at a stand still.
So yesterday I started a new day, and was a good girl. I actually choked down 2 protein shakes! And had only 2 corn tortilla's. I found myself wanting to snack on something at 11 pm, so I made some cheese chips. I know I shouldn't eat that late, but at least it wasnt a cookie! lol.
This is totally off my confession topic. But I am thinking about going back to blond, and I don't know how good of an idea that is right now with the amount of hair loss I have been having. Do you think it would make me loose more hair? I think I am just looking for an appearance change. *sigh*


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