Thanksgiving Gain - Issues - Off the wagon

Dec 04, 2014

I have class today. I am pretty sure I gained. I have stayed away from the scale just because I am afraid to look. I know there are a ton of excuses that I could use but the fact is... I could have eaten better despite my kidney stone and being the one whom was hosting the holiday. I kept saying, I am in too much pain to shop for myself. I realized that I still could have tended to my body better. Instead I was more worried about giving my family the classic Thanksgiving while maintaining my pain with the kidney stone. I was in the ER for pain 4 times During the week of Thanksgiving. I made it through the day baring my happy face and was riving in pain as soon as the dinner was done. I seriously ate whatever was there because I had no umph to do anything other than eat and be in bed. The stone has moved from my kidney to my bladder (I think) and this is week 2. It has been really crapy. I am going back on the wagon since my pain level is down. And I will start moving again. I did make it to the Pacific Bariatric Seminar. I am very glad I went to that. I am more inclined to think I wont be denied due to weight and not being able to loose my 10% but I will be damned if I don't try right! I am glad I had a minute to get back on here for a quick blog. I really am dreading my arched enemy the scale at class tonight! 

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