9 Almonds and a Laugh

Dec 08, 2014

I just had to do this! Jenna I hope you are paying attention! Our class teacher is very accepting of us but also sometimes is rudely blunt and gets a little upset at the constant joking going on. Who's bringing the cake, Where is the closest fast food joint, the best foods are the ones that grow ... like hamburger trees...etc.  

One of the small topics at the last week class was almonds. The serving size of almonds are 9. Click for calories and nutrition sheet. Who the (F) eats 9 almonds with satisfaction and reduces hunger? Seriously? This was the biggest lie I ever heard. Someone was like take 20 minutes to eat them and drink some water then you will see. Most of us weigh over 250 pounds. This almond thing is soooo not happening!

OK, so here we go! You are pre-surgery, accustomed to eating more than that. You grab 9 almonds and some water. Realistically, it is going to take you about 5 minutes to eat them. And you drank some water. Sure. If you haven't eaten and you are hungry, you will fail. This works as part of a well rounded snack. Maybe you want to eat a string cheese and 3-4 crackers with peanut butter. Now that is an acceptable snack, healthy and you wont be hungry for a couple of hours and your calorie count is low.

The teacher did nod when someone suggested the water. Am I the only one who picked up on the fact that you can not drink water while eating after the surgery? I am reading, writing, participating, absorbing every piece of knowledge I can in order to not fail my surgery. NO water while eating. Practice now people!

I know where my actual hunger line stands as of now, compared to where it will be after the surgery. I know others are in my position. I understand that we all got here somehow. I also understand that 9 almonds is a joke!!! Everything has to be well rounded or else you are going to want to give up. The small changes you make now will make a difference. And the difference is, don't eat a bag of almonds. Incorporate 9 into your snack or meal. If you try and get by with eating 9 almonds... you are going to wind up at the local taco shop. Speaking of... I am getting pretty hungry... Just kidding. Lmao! I am going to subway :) (See... we all joke too much!)

Now, for the part about the laugh. I know we kind of get in trouble for laughing and joking about food. I get the impression by the rude in your face remarks that the teacher has the impression that we don't care and will fail. That we are not taking this seriously. The fact of the matter is, we are here because we finally came to terms with the fact that we need help. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We couldn't do this on our own. We reached out and said enough is enough, and want to feel that way about food... enough is enough.

We are sick of feeling shame and embarrassment (from everyone and ourselves). We have been self shaming and hiding in our sorrow and eating more. We are fully awake now. So why not laugh. Take the things that make us sad and eat, and turn it around, make fun of it. It is kind of like falling on your ass in the middle of a crowd. Wasn't funny at the time... but give it some time and look back... now you can laugh. Comedians make most of their jokes about reality and that is what makes you laugh the most. The truth hurts.. but can also set you free with laughter. So I personally feel like we are all coming to terms with our past habits, and are past it. Now we can make some light of a bad situation. I really just keep learning and preparing my brain for the future. I read all of the time. I take it all in and am just living for the moment that I can really start living again. VIVA WLS! 

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