Practicing Chewing and I Beat the Cinnamon Roll!

Jan 09, 2015

I know that now more than ever I need to get in gear. A lot of the time I am taken by triggers. Little things. And then I get going. I swear my life revolves around triggers. Last night at group I heard someone ask another if they were practicing chewing. It is not that I hadn't thought about this before but for some reason last night it hit me. I am well aware that I take big bites and stuff myself like a thanksgiving turkey. Well today I put a timer on my phone when I drank my shake. And again when I ate my granola bar. I am super fascinated that it helps to go slower and chew a lot. Someone had brought in mini cinnamon rolls. So that's perfect right! Fits right in this pie hole here! And it's small so it's fine! Yeah um... no! That's what I would normally say and then 5 of them later I would be feeling guilty. So when I passed the rolls for the 3rd time today, what went through my head was, F THAT! It is too much work to set a timer and chew all that bread. Good for me! I think this is going to be a good lil trick. I think I can get used to this timer thing until it becomes habit.