Going On Week 3 (13lbs Down) Have been Stalled for a Week

May 25, 2015

I had my surgery 5/12/2015. I had minimal pain and walked a ton in the hospital. I walked when I got out. Last couple of days have been groggy so I did stationary bike inside 30 min a day at 6-7.6 miles. The first week I lost 13lbs. Well, that is including the fast. So without the fast I only lost 7. It feels like people lost a lot more than me on their first two weeks then had a stall later (the reg week 3 stall.) I am just now going on week three and I don't wanna deal with a stall for another week. It is discouraging. I am sticking to the plan. I was put on soft foods at 1 week out and stalled. Is that the issue? I hear a lot of people stay on liquids and pureed foods longer. I get my 1 whole Premier Protein in and have 2-3 two ounce meals per day. I am drinking 30-48oz water per day. I know I have this great tool and am eating way way less. How come I am not losing as fast as some others? I keep feeling like, as slow as the weight loss has been, and now being stalled that, if I wanted to lose only 7lbs, I could have just done it on my own. Why did I do this to myself if it is not working with me? That is my discouraged brain talking. The truth is, had I done it on my own, I wouldn't have the energy and drive that I do now. I would have eaten a bunch of junk by now. I am grateful that I didn't eat crap being sad over no weight loss for a week. That is what the old me would have done. And I know that I didn't do that because of my new tool. So in reality. It is doing it's job I guess. It is keeping me safe from myself. I just really want to see that darn scale move. I think I started my woman time already. I had it prior to surgery. And now I am having it again two weeks out from surgery. I wonder if that plays a part in the stall? Normally during this time, it would be a chocolate and sodium smorgasbord. The tool is helping me make better choices. It has to start to fall off soon. I ultimately know I made the best decision of my life. I just didn't expect a stall this soon. Wish me luck.