Slow Weight Loss With RNY.... 5Months Out -PIC

Oct 13, 2015

I came into this full forced and ready to kick some ass. I had surgery 5/12/15. I do not feel very confidant about my weightloss. People keep saying slow is better, I understand but also, I feel like a pre-failure because others with RNY and sleeve that had surgery around the same time, are pretty thin compared to me right now. Ands I don't know how hard they are trying. I mean, they eat pasta. I dont eat pasta! 

I Have a protein drink for breakfast 7am, I eat a small snack, 2oz protein pack around 9:30am, I have lunch, today was heart healthy cream of potato soup, another protein drink around 3, and small dinner, around 7. I drink a cup of tea around 8-9 pm. Maybe I am not eating slow enough. I still get sick if I eat too fast or something that dont agree. I do eat chicken. I just started to get more veggies in. But I feel like something is wrong. Oh and I wal or run 3 miles 4-5 times per week. And I stretch and use the resistance band and do small weigh lifting for my arms. I have only lost 55 pounds. From 248 to 194. Should I go back to start and go on liquids? Some days I feel amazing, today not so much. 

Thanks in advance for any help or kind words, advice, or similar expierences. 


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