Sep 02, 2008

  Well here we are, three months out and I wouldnt have believed it if you had paid me.  I had my official three month check up last week and had lost............63lb since my operation, 93 since November 2007 (my first visit to the clinic) and 110lb since my PCP referred me!  I recently bought a sweater in a 2XL - I used to buy 6XL!!!!!!!!!!! 

To Dr Renee Wolff - if you ever read this -  you are my hero, you helped me get my life back.  I know at 300lb I am still obese, but if you consider at my  heaviest I was 421lb - I have discovered hope!

Last weekend I went to my sis in laws camp.  For the first time ever I stepped off the boat without making an idiot of myself or getting stuck on the dock and, I accomplished one of my goals, I RODE A JET SKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not far as I was damm scared but I DID IT!!!!!!!!!! 

I am walking approx 3/4 of a mile nearly every day which is helping and am starting back swimming again - yeah life is good - well partly.  Am having problems with protein as I have found my stomach is starting to rebel on the protein drinks and the whey bullets, so am looking for new ideas, any one have any please let me know, am willing to try anthing at this point.  Also my hair has become very very thin (and it was fine to start off with) so am looking for ideas on that - my friend has suggested prenatal vits - will let you know how they go.  Find that I an full of GAS - not sure that was explained to me but oh well, small price to pay, at least it's not noxious - just a little loud if I am not careful.  Also having problems with bm but figure there is not much going in so little coming out, will just keep trying benefiber.  (I really think they should have a farting smilie!)

Life feels good. I have the energy and the enthusiasm to run around with my kids, play in the park, enjoy life - just cant wait to see what next month brings!


Jun 06, 2008

OMG is all I can say right now.  

I arrived at Maine Med at the appointed unholy hour of 6.15am and was amazed to find myself immediately taken to a bed.  We quickly did the old weight/height thing, and I slipped my beautiful robe on and sat on the bed.  I was surprized to find I had a whole slew of visitors to pass the time, nurses taking blood, setting up iv sites, anesiatists checking on how I was going to be incubated (a problem during a previous op I found out), more nurses checking more stuff, a good sedative to keep me calm (although I was fairly calm at that point) then my beautiful Dr who was thrilled to learn that I had lost yet another 8lb in my final run up to the op.

My sis in law popped in at 7 to see me and sat with me chatting until 7.30am when they came and wheeled me away.  Popped into the surgery room, I was made comfortable, chatted, made jokes, had a oxygen mask and told to take five deep breaths of oxygen before they did the sleep thing, I think I remember getting to about 4!!!!

Woke up in recovery, sore throat (from prob #1) and surprizingly sore back, like you get when you have lain in the same position for too long.  Given crushed ice which I could feed myself, drifted in and out, then taken to my room.  Drifted in and out of sleep until afternoon and them, wham, was awake and hurting but glad to be alive and kicking, ok not exactly kicking but you know what I mean.  Everyone was suprized that I was so lucid after the op, especially when I started cracking jokes again.  One nurse asked me to hop up on the bed (after my first pee trip) and I asked her which leg I should hop with, we were all laughing, which was sore for me, but worth it.  Keep a sense of humor girls, it works wonders.

By the next day, despite not sleeping that night, I had convinced everyone that I was fine to go home and was raring to go (well not exactly raring, in a race with the granny brigade, the grannies would have won!)

Well the first few days were, to put it mildly, hell.  Talk about painful.  I felt as if a heard fo Wildebeast had held a keg party on my belly.  Still despite the pain (and a couple of complications with ventilation and connecting my small intestine back up which meant I was in surgery nearly 4 hours), I was up and walked the entire length of the corridor at the hospital the afternoon of my surgery.  You gotta do it, apart from the pain thing, the exhileration of doing it is phenominal.  I persuaded my Dr to let me go home the following day and spent the next few days drinking water, sleeping, drinking water, sleeping, drinking water, sleeping....well you get the picture.  

A couple of words of advice.  I personally found that iced water made my stomach clench and therfore was uncomfortable.  Room temp was much better.   Secondly, it hurts like hell but what do you expect for what you have had done.  It is hard to get stuff down as everything feels (and is) bloated, swollen and bruised, but keep it going, it helps you to feel better faster.

Thursday night after my op, I tried some Crystal Light for a change and immediately felt nausea.  A few sips of plain water stopped the feeling and I continued with plain water until Saturday when I managed two protein drinks  (mind you it took me all day and half the night to drink them!!!!!)  Once I found I could start taking protein things quickly improved and I felt (again apart from the pain) more energy and more lively.

Now for the biggest news.  I weighed myself one week after my surgery and found I had lost, wait for it, drum roll please.................... 10.5lb

As you can guess I screamed and would have done a snoopy happy dance round my house my dancing is kinda out for me right now....Can't wait to see what next week brings.


May 27, 2008

       As you can see I am not sure if I am scared to death about tomorrow or excited like a kid at Christmas.  I want tomorrow to be here so quick and start my new life, somehow I dont see much sleep tonight.
Wish me luck!

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