Steven Poplawski, MD, FACS

"Dr. Poplawski was very friendly, and super happy when we met for our group consult. He seems sincere, and I can tell he enjoys the type of surgery he does. He had a very cheery sense of humour, and sympathized with all of our situations. It's as if he were moridly obese himself! -laughs-rnrnHis office staff at the Barix Clinic were non-judgemental and polite. some of them had even gone through the surgery themselves, and spoke one-on-one for additional support.rnrnThere isn't much to say that I /don't/ like, but I will tell you one thing about Dr. Poplawski; He doesn't sugar coat anything, and really hates it when people get hung up on small details, such as reverting to open surgery if 'scopic can't be done. I can't say as to blame him though. People should know all the risks involved, and if you're not willing to put up with something small, then perhaps surgery is not for you.rnrnSo far, I would rate Dr. Poplawski an 8/10. I wil know more after my surgery goes, of course.rnrn\"Doc, you've got a date with my innards!\" rn-hands them to you, beaming-rnrn-Carleen LeBlancrnBA Psychology, Honours."
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