Weight has been a life long battle and when I came down with a pretty debilitating knee problem this winter it just literally tipped the scales.  I have always excersized and walked or swam, and my two furry kids have always kept me active walking around a mile a day until January.  The dogs and I were a pretty permanent fixture walking somepart of downtown or one of the parks.  and during the summer always walked the beach with my mom, as well as doing water aerobics intermittently

This winter I helped my sister put furniture together for her dream studio in our basement.  I thought I tweaked my left knee and now four months later I'm still going to PT with a diagnosis of pretty severe arthritis.   The NSAIDS which I have now stopped taking have caused me to add to my weight problem soooo here we are.  I have toyed with WLS over the past few years and always felt pretty in shape even though overweight  until now.  Also I have new nephews that I want to be able to chase and watch grow up.

I have started the whole process and so far most of my appts are over and done with two more to go then hopefully early fall will be my target.    

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