5 months

Sep 09, 2010


So I went to see my primary care today for a BP check and had great results after averyone in the office realized who I was.  I went for my yearly physical 1 month post op and was down about 35 lbs.  I am down 93 lbs from surgery my A1C is down to 5 from 6.5 and my blood pressure medication was stopped today.  When I look in the mirror I am having a hard time realuzing that I have lost that much weight. 

Went shopping with my mom and found a pair of jeans that I liked bought them without trying them on.  I had to bring them back for a smaller size that was totally unexpected.   I also have been getting up at 5am on my of days and going to the gym kind of crazy since I am not a morning person.  

Be well everyone

emergency room

Apr 25, 2010

Oh well things were going great for me until Saturday morning...bad reaction to pain medication.  I had not been taking any pain mediction except for one dose every night before bed for incisional discomfort.  So around midnite Friday into Saturday I took half a dose.  As I was watching TV I noticed my elbows were itchy...this isn't strange sice I have psoirisas and it is execerbated with stress and season changes.  So I went upstairs to sleep.   When I woke in morning around 7am I noticed some elevate perfectly round areas on my upper thighs(flea bites I was thinking).  In my typical manner went shopping with my mom and sister. while we were shopping I noticed that I had a bump on my lip then all hell brok loose and I had 3 x 3 inch welts all over my arms and legs and my feet and hands started to swell. 

So in my typical healthcare worker sense called the covering surgeon to see how much benadryl I could take....increased the benadryl and proceeded to sit in my chair...By the time my sister came upstairs while I was waiting for the benadryl to kick in my lips had swelled and I looked like I had injections in my lips. She promptly put me in the car and drove me to the ER.   As I walked in the door they asked me if I could breathe I said yes they put me in a wheelchair immediatly wheeled me into a trauma room and started IV and drew labs.   So I had a dose of steroids IV Zantac and Benadryl then sat for four hours.   They sent me home on steriods and zantac.   Other than this I have had a great recovery I have been walking and trying to fit in most of my food that is needed and the good news is I am done 36 pounds since April 1st. So the saga continues I  am on hold right now with my primary care office to follow up on the Saturday incident.

home again

Apr 15, 2010

Came home late last night after drain was pulled,  thank goodness. I had a wonderful private room with a view of the harbor but I don;t sleep well if I'm not in my own home.   Everything went well and I was up and walking the first night.  Other than having laryngitis I felt okay not the hard work starts. 

one more day

Apr 10, 2010

So this is the last day before surgery,  spent yesterday running around and trying to have some post surgery stuff at home.  Today I hope to finish spring cleaning upstairs and later this afternoon take my furry kids walking,,,,then up and out of the house early....

Surgery Date

Apr 09, 2010

So I am sitting here getting ready for my last night of work before surgery.  After some delays and unexpected health issues it is finally here.  Surgery is Monday April 12th first surgery of the day.  and I am soooo ready.  A few butterflies but looking forward to positive changes.  This weekend I am cleaning house literally to keep busy and to try to get things done and ready for me when I come home.  This should keep me occupied and hopefully keep the nerves at bay.   


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