Week 1 Goals - accomplished

Jan 22, 2009

Well, its been a week of tracking my goals.

I accomplished all 4 of my goals at least 5 out of 7 days.  I get to reward myself and having a pedicure on my lunch.  My son told me to paint my toe nails green, since no one will see them, I might just to it for kicks and giggles.

My goals for this week 1/22-1/28/09 are:
Journal food - 5/7 days (my weekends are hard, since I am not in front of the computer all day - I am working on ways.)
64 oz water - 7/7 days
Suppliments - 6/7 days
Exercize - 4/7 days

My niece wanted a Bender Ball.  She found where she could order them almost at a 2 for 1 price.  So I went in halfs with her.  I looked at it last night, and thought what the heck.  I have it might was well try it out.  I will say it works.  My abs and accross my lower back are tender today.  I keep telling myself, small steps.  I will get there.


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