Week 2 Goals - Accomplished

Jan 27, 2009

Today is the end of week two for my goals for 2009. 

I actually wasn't sure on how I did this week, I haven't been checking my goal sheet nightly as I did last week.  I pulled up fitday to review my food journal, and I have been tracking, but not on my log sheet. 

So here we go:

This weeks goals
Journal Food - 5/7 days - completed
Water - 7/7 days - completed
Suppliments - 6/7 days completed
exercize - 4/7 days completed
Meal planning - 5/7 days completed.

I need to be more diligent on my exercize.  I need to get my walking back up to speed.  I need to make myself get off my butt and out of my office chair and walk the mall on my lunch. 

So now to set some new goals for 1/29-2/4/09
Journal food  - 5/7 days
Suppliments - 6/7 days
Walking at lunch - 3/5 days - 2 miles 4 laps of mall
Meal Planning - 5/7 days
Me time - 1 hour - 3 times week.

I have gotten back into my water habit, so I am taking it off my goals for the week.  I am proud of myself for that.  I am back to craving the extra fluids.  It is all about listening to my body, and what it is telling me.  I have noticed one thing, I am getting about 96 oz of water in a day, I find myself craving salty foods.   Generally this would have led me to chips or popcorn.  I bought some Jerky when shopping, and I find that if I have an oz or so in the evening, it keeps me level, and gives me a good protien snack before bed.  It has also kept my morning blood sugar levels more stable.

I have not gotten on the scale since it told me I gained 14 pounds last friday.  I need to buy a new one, or buy the expensive replacement batteries for this one.  Still pondering that. 

Until next week.


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