2009 goals - Week 4 - back on track

Feb 12, 2009

Last week was hard, expecially when I had been doing well.  I think I let myself set to high of a bar and when I didn't achieve it I was very disappointed in myself.  I picked myself up and dusted myself off and started a new week.

My results for the week are:

Supplements - 4/7 - achieved 7/7.  I found a pill keeper that travels well with me to work and back.
Exercise - 3/7 - achieved.  The weather out being nicer helped.  Walking outside Monday and Tuesday re-energized me.
Meal planning - 7/7 - achieved.  This is very important for me.  It helps keep my hubby on track also. 
Goodwill - 1 bag - achieved.  Got part way through a second.  Spring is coming.
Food Journal and water intake.  I didn't put a goal down because I have been doing 7/7 for the last 3 weeks.  I completed that again this week. 

Other things I accomplished is getting my appt set at Barix.  One reason my food journal is important.  I want them to review it and see what they can do to help  me get the scale moving again. 

I got my blood work done for my March 5 appt at Barix.  Actually had the lab fax me a copy of it.  My iron is low, but it generally is on the lower side, but having a cycle twice a month doesn't help.  I guess I will see what they say.

I prepared a schedule of my medical problems since my surgery in 6/07.  I am reviewing it with my doc on Monday along with my bloodwork prior to me going to Barix.  I want to make sure we are all on the same page.

My goals for next week are about the same as they are this week.

Suppliements 5/7 days
Exercise - 4/7 days - lets pray for nice days
Meal planning 7/7
Goodwill 1 bag dropped off
Time for me - 4 days 1 hour per day.
Keep up my food journal and water intake.

I have been having headaches for the last week.  My doc changed my Birth Control Pill, and its major side affects are headaches.  She thinks they will go away in a few says.  Let's hope so. 

Til next week.

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