Seen my WLS Surgeon

Mar 18, 2009

I can say I am having an interesting week.

I had an appt with my WLS surgeon yesterday, actually not the surgeon who did my surgery, but another doc at the hospital.  .  Very good converstation with my nut, it was worth taking the day off from work.

I have been on a stall for over a year now.  Yesterday was shake my world up a bit day.

Things I have learned:

I  was eating too many calories - I was doing 1300-1400 daily.  They want me at 900-1200.
I was eating too much protien - 100-120 grams - They want 70-79
Limit my consumption of Nuts to once a week.  They were generally my afternoon snack - love almonds.
Remove protien bars from diet unless it is extremely essential - I have to miss a major meal to have a protien bar, and they don't want it more than once a week. 
Try to reduce the number of simple carbs. This is tough living with a bread and potato family.

My labs look good except my iron is low, so I have to increase that for a while, even if it means I have to take a colace with it daily.  

She set my schedule for calories as follows:

Breakfast  - 200
Snack - 100
Lunch - 300
snack - 100
Supper - 300
Snack - 100  - she would like me to skip this snack, but for blood sugar reasons, I am keeping it. 

So today is a new day to get on track and stay there.   I had to laugh at his comment about my stall  - you haven't stalled, you have lost 10 pounds in the last 8 months.  It was a good day.

Actually, the discussion with my hubby after I got home was even better.  He feels responsible for me not being at goal yet.  He told me that I do try hard, but him and his mom, who lives with us, sabbatoge me greatly.  He said that I am too nice of a person to them.  I need to be harder and keep telling them that we need to cut back on potatoes and bread in our house, along with the constant flow of treats that are around.  His mom is a huge snacker.  She went and bought 7 bags of  Easter candy last week, and it lays on the kitchen table for snacking.  They are both diabetic and shouldn't have it.  Her philospophy is that she is 85 and she doesn't have alot of time left, so she is going to eat candy and enjoy herself.  Along with snack cakes, coffee cakes, cookies, etc, I think you get the point.  We are going to work on meal plans on the weekend, and he said he was going to stick to them.  I can only hope.  Willing to make the effort if he is going to support it.