Nov 22, 2010

I believe my recovery since surgery has been textbook.    I have not had any nausea, no extreme gas pains and am able to eat from the modified Stage 3 diet since leaving the hospital 2 days after surgery. Haven’t taken anything for pain since Friday and feel good. I am walking every day; walked 1 mile in several stages, the day after surgery and am now up to ½ mile 3x a day. I am even pooping! Aren’t I “such a good big girl.” Said in the most condescending cooing adult voice to a young child.  Yea, Gold Star for me! 

One day I had some gas pain in my shoulder and side but several walks while massaging the areas quickly dissipated the gas bubble.

I am feeling great, eating 3 meals a day. Granted, they are about 1 ½ oz but it is still food in my mouth. Have not missed on my protein and liquids on any day and so looking forward to healing so I can get on to reclaiming my health. That is the hard part right now – because I do feel so good, I am having to remind myself that I am still newly post-op and need to take it easy.

I have not gotten on the scale yet. Not going to do it until my follow up with Dr. Lord on Wednesday, November 24.

I am so going to rock this and embrace my new life!

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