2 days til surgery!

Aug 08, 2010

I can not believe on Tuesday morning at 6am I am going to be checking into the hospital for surgery.  It just seems crazy!  Wow, I am so excited. 
I went to my pre-op last week and my doctor is very happy with my 5 pounds of weight loss in 3 weeks.  I have been swimming every night and following my nutritionist's plan.  I haven't really wanted to cheat with the exception of one time, and when I did I got a bad headache and stomach ache.  I personally think it is a sign from God that I need to change my eating habits PERMANENTLY!  I feel blessed beyond belief to be having this surgery.  I am going to have a lot of people praying for me and I am so thankful to all of them. 
I have also made a decision this week to go back to college.  I want to be a nutritionist!  I love what I have learned and I want to learn more and teach others to live healthy lives.  It looks like I will have to wait until January to enroll but that gives me plenty of time to take my placement test and get on the road to recovery after surgery.
Well, this will probably be my last blog prior to surgery so wish me luck!


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