Primary Care Doctors are not prepared!

Sep 21, 2010

So, I am sick and had to go to my primary care doctor's office today.  My primary care doctor didn't have an open appointment so I saw a physicians assistant.  I have had a fever and diarrhea.  When I went to the office they took blood and had me pee in a cup.  It all seemed pretty standard.  

When the results came back it was clear I had a virus.  But, they didn't know how to treat me.  She stated she wanted me to drink a lot of gatorade.  Regular gatorade, not the low sugar kind.  Then she asked if my surgeon would let me take immodium.  I was very surprised that they are not better prepared to treat a gastric bypass patient.  I wonder how many other people are going through this.  I am concerned that in the future I will not be getting the care that I need from my primary care office.

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