Thank you from the bottom of my pouch

Oct 26, 2010

So, a co-worker brought in donuts this morning and slammed them down in front of me in our morning meeting.  He was just kidding of course and I looked and him and said "Thank you from the bottom of my pouch"  Everybody just laughed and I realized that I am doing ok with this adjustment.  I really thought that it would be harder to see others enjoying sugary treats while I was eating my half a pack of weight control oatmeal.  I am totally fine with it and am a little grossed out by the sugary foods. 

I am having a horrible time with any fried foods.  I snagged a couple of fries from my son this past weekend and it gave me bad diareah.  I will not do that again!  My husband fried some plantains tonight and I had a couple of bites and it is already making me go to the bathroom.  I think that fried foods, even just a bite, are out of the question.

The feeling off aggravation from not getting enough protein is still there.  I want to get the protein but I HATE the protein shakes.  Trying to get protein from food is a joke because I am getting so full off anything that I eat.  I will keep trying but it is a challenge.

The weight loss is still happening so I am very happy with that!


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