Fair food is way too good!

Oct 30, 2010

Well, now that I have lost over 60 pounds I have a ton of energy.  I have been to the NC State Fair, and the Renaissance Festival twice!  I walk all over the festival and I feel great.  The only thing is... fair food is yummy!

I did very well though.  I had a bite of this and a bite of that.  I didn't overeat although I had every opportunity.  I was very proud of myself.  I wanted to eat all of the fried macaroni and cheese and all the bread bowl brocolli cheese soup but I just took a couple of bites of each.  I managed to drink two bottles of water while I was walking around.  

It is so funny how much more energy I have now that I have lost 60 or so pounds.  Last year there would have been no way that I could have walked all day looking at exhibits or shopping.  I am glad that I have this energy and feel like I am enjoying life so much more.  It is weird to think that extra weight had that much of a negative impact on my life.  Now I am enjoying life and I can't wait to go shopping for some smaller size clothing this week.  Woo-hoo, I love the way that sounds! 



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