What too write!!! I am married too a very wonderful supportive man, and we have two great boy's. My boy's are age 11 and 2. As you can see there is a big age difference in the boy's, but being obese has it's down sides, and one of them would be conceiving children. I work as an HCA in the town I live in. I love every aspect of my job, but the best part would be my client's.  My parent's and Brother live in the same town as well. I try to enjoy my life,but find it physically demanding at times, and prevents me from doing many things. I have always struggled with my weight,but it got worse as my struggle to have another child consumed my every thought, and caused me to go into a depression. I am defiantly an emotional eater. If I am sad I go right for anything packed full of sugar. Chocolate was my down fall. I am very lucky though to have such a supportive family they are all excited for me, and know how bad I want to be healthy and happy. I have dealt with ignorance due to my weight, and to be honest I don't regret the experience that I have had as an obese woman. In my opinion it has made me who I am today. I am a stronger person because of the ignorance of others I have had to deal with in the past and present. I am looking forward to living a healthier life and I figure after the weight is gone, I can finally run and play with my children. No more holding back when TAG!! is involved.LOL!!!

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