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Apr 18, 2010

  I have to admit I found it very hard the first couple of weeks to get adjusted to my new eating plan. My husband got the brunt of it!!LOL!! He loves me though, and he did say for better or worse and I was definitely at my worst. On April 12,2010 Dr.Farries of Red Deer preformed a scope procedure to see inside my stomach and take a sample of tissue to see if all is well for surgery, and I have also lost a total of 28.0lbs since I first seen Dr.Farries on Feb 01, 2010. The nurses in the Red Deer Hospital that helped me, and watched over me before and after the procedure were the greatest most caring bunch anyone could have ever asked for.I also got to see Dr.Singh to see if I am prepared mentally for this journey. He is going to sign off and let the surgeon know there is no reason why I can't go for it. We need people like that down here in Pincher Creek. He was professional, to the point.but really funny all at the same time. Dr.Farries is great too, I have a feeling though that he has a funny side to him just he doesn't show that. A lot of people say he needs to improve his bed side manners. I like him the way he is. I would rather someone be who they really are then try to put up something they are not. I go and see Dr.Farries on May 10,2010. Dr.Farries said last time I seen him that we would see about the surgery. Wish me luck,cause I think I am kicking ass in the weight lose department, and I have never wanted anything more at this point in my life then this weight lose surgery. I want to better my health, and the quality of my life.  


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