Apr 21, 2010

Well this week my emotional eating problems have been put too the test. I have been stressed to the max, very lonely, and sad this week. My life can get like that sometimes. My husband works out of town all the time, and I am all alone to tend to everything concerning the home front. My husband is there,but not for things that happen at every moment of the day. I think I managed very well. My feet hurt ,my legs, and my ass hurt,but there was no way I was going to eat my feelings away. I walked them off instead and went to the park with my boy's. I did what Dr.Singh wanted me to do,which was to see a therapist. I now have an appointment to see a therapist here in town on April 26,2010. Dr.Singh said "he would suggest that to anyone going into this surgery, just to have extra support, so that one doesn't feel alone and/or tempted to go back too old habits". I am definitely starting to get excited for the 10Th of May to role around. I want the surgeon to give me the okay for the surgery.  I hope I lose a little more weight before my next appointment with Dr.Farries, because I have worked very hard this week and plan to keep on doing that for the sake of my health. I want him to see, and realize that I am very determined to go all the way.


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