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My goal is to maintain my weight loss, and live a healthy and happy life in this

81 working on · 9 achieved
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cross my legs and look sexy

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One day be so comfortable in the new me I forget there was an old me

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I would love to be able to keep up with my three kids.

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normal BMI

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white water rafting in wv mountains

1 working on · 0 achieved · Target goal date: 8/08/8

have a sex life again!

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Go shopping without having to always go to the plus section.

30 working on · 19 achieved

Be able look at myself in the mirror again and like what is looking back at me.

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to feel comfortable in my own skin

18 working on · 1 achieved

feel confident enough to have sex with the lights on

18 working on · 5 achieved

Be able to fit into a ride at an amusement park

14 working on · 12 achieved

To spend more time with my kids!

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take my kids to an amusement park and spend all day riding rides with them

19 working on · 8 achieved

Under 200

24 working on · 22 achieved · Target goal date: 6/24/2007
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