2 years out...

Oct 09, 2009

Well I am about 2 years out and have never really sat down and wrote on the site, so I decided to today of all days. I guess I have alot to be grateful for.  I started this journey at 223 and now weight about 112. I need to gain a little bit of weight back to give me a crutch in case I get sick but I have had my tummy tuck and breast augmentation.  Go figure in 2006 I had the girls reduced and then when i lost all the weight well all i had was skin. So with this comes some issues that I still mentally feel like I weigh 223lbs. My boyfriend is great. When we grill he makes sure he doesn't get my food to overcooked because I can not eat it. When we first started dating him i told him up front that I had gastric bypass and it didn't scare him away. He has gotten use to my nibbling constantly and getting up in the middle of the night eating.  When we first meet I had lost down to 103 due to a bad break up with my ex finance (he cheated). So in the past several months and after meeting Mark he has really made me happy and I've gained some weight back.  Now they say not to drink alot of ETOH  and trust me it only takes about 1/2 a beer and I'm really tipsy but in about 45 minutes i'm sober again.


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