Has it been this long already? 7 years out.

Sep 30, 2012

Well I have been one very busy woman over the past years.  I moved in 2008 to Kentucky and establishing our own businesses.  I have put my nursing license on hold for the time being.
I have been gaining weight over the past few years and have gotten back to 178 pounds recently.  This surgery is a tool but sometimes you can put the tool in a tool box and forget it until something is broke.
I was broke.....I now am finding myself again and making time for me. I joined Weight Watchers about three months ago and have lost 20 pounds.  I am feeling better than I have for quite awhile now.  Getting the proper protein, vitamins and nutrients.  I am glad for this program. I never thought I would have to ever join this program ever again but am glad it is there to help me.
Since last blogging, I have had two of my sons graduate from high school and two now in college.  Next year my youngest will be starting to drive.


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