Southcrest Hospital

"The only problem I had was I think one nurse may have taken my pain meds at one point. I was waiting to take them as I knew about when the next dose was due. When that time came and went I asked about an hour later for them because I was in a little pain. The nurse who came in said they gave them to you. I insisted they had not as I had not been sleeping or out of it and the pain meds were by mouth at this point. She said well it says on your chart that they were given to you. I argued with her and she acted like I was kind of stupid. I knew they had not been given. I just think one of the nurses in the hospital was probably hooked on pain meds and thought I was probably out of it and took mine. Other that that, everyone was wonderful. The nurses were very knowledgeable and even when I left I called back with a question and they were able to answer it right away. I would recommend Southcrest to anyone."

Luis Gorospe

"Went for my 4 1/2 hour surgeon visit today 4/23/04. I thought Dr. Gorospe was very nice and extremely knowledgeable about the surgery. I am very excited about his office sending off my request for this surgery to Aetna HMO. His office staff seemed to be very efficient as well. He does primarily all laparoscopic technique and said he has performed around 800 bariatric surgeries. Feel very comfortable with my decision to have this procedure after my office visit today. "
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