I started this journey because of health reasons. At my highest, I weighed 281 lbs. In March 2004, doctors discovered I had stomach cancer, so on April 27, 2004, they removed 9/10 of my stomach and my gallbladder. I feel like I have a brand new opportunity to get/be healthy! Before surgery, I weighed in at 274 lbs. I have now lost 50 lbs., and I feel so much healthier! I can keep up with the family when we go walking, and I love to play with my grandsons. I also love music and help lead the singing in church.

Walking is now one of my favorite things to do, and I'm looking forward to retiring in September 2004. I have gone from 274 to 224. I can't wait to hit the 100's!

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Jul 07, 2004
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