The Good, the Bad and the Post Op Grad...

Jan 13, 2009

Ok, confession first: I weight 183 right now.

I hate seeing that number on the scale. I hated seeing 173 and 163. I had been hovering between 145 and 153 for ages, and then WHAM!

I got hit with the Fibromyalgia stick. In other words, I felt exhausted all the time, had incredibly bad PMS that left me crying and screaming at people, and in constant pain. In addition I changed jobs from a standing walking one to an adminsitrative desk job. Although the desk job brings benefits and salary (wwoooo!!), I can definetly say it has hurt my ability to stay fit.

Oddly enough, I weighed and ate LESS when I worked at my last job, a coffee shop, surrounded by goodies and stuff. Now at the car dealership I tend to skip meals, or snack too much.

But since my fibro diagnosis I have been working on getting my health back on track. I started Cymbalta, which is helping me regain energy, and I am on a low maintence dose of opiates before bed to help combat pain and insomnia.

What I would really like is a membership to a 24/7 gym near my work, where I could go after work.

Because of the fibro and other life issues (I'm still poor, even on salary) I decided to take a break from my PhD program. I wasn't making the progress I wanted to be, and it seemed like I was going in a different direction then others in my cohort. So a break it is.

What else? My boyfriend is moving in, at long last. My ex husband still contributes to the mortgage, and my mom lives with me as well (and contributes!) My stepfather stays rent free, because he is poor. He would be homeless if we didn't have him with us. It irritates me that my mom won't just divorce him, but I understand she feels bad for him.

My two horses are having a good old time living outside 24/7 in a big 8 acre field about a mile from my house. The barn owner is very nice and understanding when I can't go out for a week or so to see them. The boys don't mind, so long as I bring treats when I show up.

I've been working on learning to cook more. Mostly chicken and high protein pastas, with cheese and veggies. I do ok with carbs, sugar is my nemesis. Luckily I still dump if I eat the wrong stuff!

Well thats my novel, but I figured it was better to tell the truth. I wouldn't say I'm struggling with my weight, just that I have experienced a health set back, and I am working to make changes to reverse the situation.

Yeah. Happy 09!

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