4 months out

Oct 10, 2018

Yesterday was 4 months since surgery. Kind of freaking out over 65 lbs lost and 4 dress sizes down. Feeling fabulous and excited to keep this journey going. The first 2 months was rough but I have adjusted into a new routine. This weekend I will take back up my hiking which I put on hold. So I am glad to go back into the wild as I find it relaxing to walk a trail in solidtude. I still have more to go to hit my goal weight but not thinking about it as much as I did in the beginning. I found dewelling on the end result difficult and unhealthy. I am enjoying the suttle changes. It's amazing to see friends and family members notice. Now if I can just wrap my head around buying new clothes.  I do have to thank my clothing fairy! They took pity on me after my bathing suit kept falling off while trying to swim. I ended up with a new swim suit and work out clothes compliments of my fairy godmother. So I at least have fitted clothes to workout in.

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