Hello everyone. I am 23 years old from Sacramento. My story is just like yours, and yours, and yours. I have been overweight all my life. Struggled and struggled both physically and mentally. My weight has brought me down in so many ways. I have social anxiety and a poor image of myself. But that is getting better...

I have been shadowing this website for a couple months while I wrote in my blog on the side. I have learned many things - the most important part was that I'm not alone. I felt like I was alone for a long time. I am an only child and the only one in my family that is obese.

I never thought I could get weight loss surgery. I always thought I would be this way forever. However I found out early this year that perhaps, maybe, I won't. I started hitting the doctors office, then another doctor and another. I was bouncing back between my team of doctors listening to each ones advice. (By bouncing I mean I was referred to one doctor for my prime care, a second doctor for a weight loss care, and finally a third for weight loss surgery.).

I decided to join this website to contribute to personal expierences. I LOVED reading personal accounts of weight loss surgery and how life was afterward. I decided I want to add my two cents also and maybe even cover some things I had wish there were more of (information-wise).

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