A LOT has changed!

May 13, 2015

Hey guys! It feels good to be posting! I have been on here, just not posting any blog posts! But, drum roll please..... I got my surgery date!!!!! I'm scheduled for June 1st! This doesn't seem real. I've been fighting for this moment since January 2014. My Anemia is officially under control now, shout out to Pittsburgh area people who need a great Hematologist, I saw Dr. Safyan and he's the bomb. I'm down 43 pounds now, my surgeon's office couldn't believe I've lost that much pre-op but I've had a lot of time on my hands while dealing with the Anemia so I lost weight lol. My life has done a complete 180 in these past couple months and weeks. I'm in a great place right now. God has blessed me so much. Both my mom and sister are doing great with their surgeries, my mom is down 72 lbs and my sister is down 68 lbs, both are doing great. I'm praying for the same results. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along my journey, whether you commented on my posts, helped me through things, gave me just simple encouraging words, swapped ideas with me, I thank you. I couldn't have made it without such good support. I've been through a lot trying to get this surgery. I'm very thankful. I hope all of you are doing great and no complications. I'll see yall on the losers bench! :)  God bless, XoXo.

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New Changes!

Feb 21, 2015

So, as you all know, I haven't had surgery yet but I've been losing weight. I have had some things change for me already that absolutely thrill me. First, my back pain has went away, it doesn't hurt anymore! I think this is the one that excites me the most. Second, clothes fit much better. I have even gotten back into some old clothes that didn't fit. Third, my collar bone is showing lol. I still haven't gotten use to it being out that much, I always could feel my collar bone but now it sticks out and I can feel it better which I love. Fourth, this may be TMI but it may help someone, my periods are starting to be more normal even with just 27 lbs lost. & Fifth, when I exercise, my body doesn't hurt, I can actually work out. If it's this good before surgery, I know it's only going to get better after surgery. I just still can't believe it's all finally happening soon. But, I hope all of you are doing good. God bless, XoXo.


Hematologist Appointment!

Feb 19, 2015

Hey all!  I got my Hematologist appointment, they called me yesterday and I'm scheduled for March 3rd. They are likely going to do Iron Infusions and once I'm in normal range, I get my DATE!!  So excited! I can't wait! But, this is going to be a short post, just wanted to update and let you know i got my appointment. I'll definitely let everyone know what the verdict is when I see the doctor. Prayers appreciated! I hope all of you are doing good and losing all your weight! God bless, XoXo.


Approved & Hit a Goal!!!

Feb 16, 2015

My surgeon's office let me know today that I was APPROVED by the insurance company!!! I still have to get my Iron up before they will do the surgery. They said once the Hematologist gets my Iron in normal range they will give me a surgery date. It shouldn't take long because they will probably do IV Iron and they said that works MUCH faster and better. I just can't believe I'm finally approved!  This is REALLY going to happen. For some reason, this just got really real lol. This has been one tough and trying process but it is all worth it. To someone just starting, hang in there, if you are like me you are going to hit MANY bumps in the road but you can and will get through them. I thought I'd be 5 or more months before I got surgery but I'm looking at having my surgery mid to late March. Ahhhh!! lol, I'm so happy. & I've FINALLY hit my first goal weight. When I started actually trying to lose some weight, I started on Jan 13 and I set a goal on that day to hit 299 before I seen my surgeon for my pre-op appointment and I hit that a couple days ago! I even have pics to prove it lol. I hit my FIRST weight loss goal and I can't put the feeling in words. I am still trying to lose more but at least I hit what I said I would. My life is changing and I'm trying to catch up in my mind. I thank God for His many many blessings on me. I posted on Facebook a couple days ago that I will praise God in the hallway until He opens a door, well, I think my door is opening. My life will NEVER be the same. I'm so excited to start this chapter in my life. I have no where to go but UP! Thank you all for your prayers, comments, messages, and friendship this past year throughout my journey so far. You guys have gotten me through some hard bumps. I'm so glad to have a support who understands what it's like to go through this. Thanks again!  God bless, XoXo.


21.5 Pounds Gone!!

Feb 04, 2015

Oh my goodness. 21.5 lbs. I never would have dreamed I could lose that much on my own. I have never lost that much on my own before. I am so proud of myself. I never want this feeling to end. I set a goal of weighing 299 and under before I go see my surgeon again which I'm a couple weeks away from seeing her again and I'm 3 pounds away from my goal :D :D This will be the first weight loss goal I ever hit. I can't describe this feeling. I have definitely proved to myself I can do this surgery. I will admit, I had doubts if I could do this surgery and be successful but I have proved to myself, I can. For once, I'm not afraid of the future. I know great things are destined for me. I am being re-tested for my iron this week and if I'm in the normal range, I'm being submitted to the insurance, however, my doctor's personal nurse told me a couple days ago that she thinks I've already been submitted and they're just going to submit my iron info when it's in and go ahead and give me a surgery date because my surgeon stays booked for months. I'm hoping that is what has happened but if not, I'm ok with waiting. I've been on this journey for a year, a couple more weeks won't kill me. My life is changing for the better and I'm addicted to this high of feeling wonderful and great about myself. It feels so amazing to not feel guilty about things I eat. I've been eating healthy and exercising. Without God, this would have NEVER EVER EVER been possible for me. I owe it all to Him, every ounce and pound I have lost, I give Him the credit. I hope all of you are doing great and losing all your weight. God bless, XoXo.


16 Pounds Gone & Iron Update!

Jan 29, 2015

Hey guys. So as you can read by my health ticker, I've almost lost a full 16 lbs! I'm SO proud of myself. I haven't had surgery yet so to do this on my own before surgery is a big deal to me. I have about 9 pounds to lose and I'll be out of the 300s for FOREVER. I will fight this fight the rest of my life if I have to, to keep myself from ever coming back here again. Once I hit 299, I'm taking a picture of the scale lol and then I'll take another one when I hit 199 because I can and will hit both goals. I have a new found confidence and strength that I can only give God the credit for. I'm taking control of my life and I'm done letting food control and rule me. I'm on the fast track to a new healthy life. & I am being re-tested for my iron next week. I have been taking 65 mg of Iron and 500 mg of Vit C, twice a day, for about a month. I'm praying so hard it's in the normal range or at least very close to being normal. The last time I was checked it was 20 and I have to get to 40. I can get there! God has me. I am trusting His plan fully. My sister was submitted to the insurance today for her surgery so I'm happy for her and my mom, burghmom67, is doing really good. She's getting about 45 ounces of liquid a day, she's 3 days post op. She hasn't had any complications, Thank God. But, this is where I'm at right now. I hope all of you are doing great and I hope you are losing all your weight. God bless, XoXo.


Feeling Great.

Jan 24, 2015

Hey guys!  I'm finally done with all the pre-op testing!! I still however am trying to get my Iron up so I am being re-tested at the beginning of Feb. Let's hope and pray it's up to normal! I have been implying some changes that I learned throughout my 6 month requirement and I've lost 12 lbs! I feel great! I feel proud of myself and I feel like I can do this. I'm going to be successful. My mom's surgery is in the morning at 11:45 so I would appreciate prayers for her, she's extremely nervous, but I know she'll be fine because God will take care of her and we have an amazing surgeon. But, that's where I'm at right now, just wanted to update and say I'm still around. :)  Hope all of you are doing good and losing all your weight! God bless, XoXo.


I can see the finish line!

Dec 15, 2014

I figured I'd write and update my journey. I have finally gotten the Sleep Studies DONE and OVER! Thank God. I couldn't take another one of those lol. I did get put on a C-Pap Machine for mild sleep apnea. I only have a simple EKG left and have my Iron re-tested then I can be submitted to the insurance! Ahhh!  I'm really excited. I feel like I'm closing in on this journey. My mom was actually submitted to the insurance today so that makes me really excited to be in the position. I should hopefully be submitted to the insurance by the end of December. This year long journey has been rough and trying but every second worth it. I can't wait to be across that finish line and on the losers bench! Thank you to all the friends I have made on here who have encouraged me through out this year. Without you guys, I would have done gave up months ago. I hope all of you are doing great and for the ones who are just now starting this process, keep your head up and fight through all the bumps in the road, you'll get there! God bless, XoXo.


Need Some Help & Advice

Nov 17, 2014

Hey guys. I need some help. I have gained a couple pounds and I have started eating things I shouldn't be. I need help getting back on track and it just seems SO hard to do. I'm really scared, actually. I wanna get these stupid pounds off. Does anyone have any tips or advice for cutting the bad junk out again and getting back on track? I'd really appreciate some help. Thank you to anyone who responds. I hope all of you are doing great and losing all kinds of weight. God bless, XoXo.

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Sleep Study Results..

Nov 12, 2014

My sleep lab called me today and gave me the results of my sleep study. I have mild sleep apnea. I don't think it's a correct diagnosis because I know my sleep apnea is a lot worse then mild. I know I didn't go into a deep sleep so I know the whole range of it. However, I go back on the 4th of December to get fitted for oxygen. I would like a sooner date but they are booked up until then. I took the next available appointment. But, I'm glad that I just have one more time and I'll be done with it lol. I just hope and pray losing weight will reverse the sleep apnea. I've always snored and stopped breathing in my sleep since I've been a kid so that's what worries me the most is that losing weight won't reverse it. But, I just gotta do what I gotta do. But, yeah this is where I'm at in my journey. This has been a crazy ride but I would start all over again. I know the end result is going to be well worth it. Thanks again for all your kind wishes, comments and prayers. I hope all of you are doing great and losing all kinds of weight. God bless, XoXo.


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