16 Pounds Gone & Iron Update!

Jan 29, 2015

Hey guys. So as you can read by my health ticker, I've almost lost a full 16 lbs! I'm SO proud of myself. I haven't had surgery yet so to do this on my own before surgery is a big deal to me. I have about 9 pounds to lose and I'll be out of the 300s for FOREVER. I will fight this fight the rest of my life if I have to, to keep myself from ever coming back here again. Once I hit 299, I'm taking a picture of the scale lol and then I'll take another one when I hit 199 because I can and will hit both goals. I have a new found confidence and strength that I can only give God the credit for. I'm taking control of my life and I'm done letting food control and rule me. I'm on the fast track to a new healthy life. & I am being re-tested for my iron next week. I have been taking 65 mg of Iron and 500 mg of Vit C, twice a day, for about a month. I'm praying so hard it's in the normal range or at least very close to being normal. The last time I was checked it was 20 and I have to get to 40. I can get there! God has me. I am trusting His plan fully. My sister was submitted to the insurance today for her surgery so I'm happy for her and my mom, burghmom67, is doing really good. She's getting about 45 ounces of liquid a day, she's 3 days post op. She hasn't had any complications, Thank God. But, this is where I'm at right now. I hope all of you are doing great and I hope you are losing all your weight. God bless, XoXo.


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