Aug 20, 2022

I had a ventral hernia repaired June 2020! About 3 months later I started experiencing increased trapped gas and discomfort! I managed to lay down and massage and after a period of time I'd be able to get rid of the trapped gas! Now it's gotten worse, it's almost every day and last night was brutal! Still uncomfortable this morning, and worried about adhesions from this hernia surgery! Ugh

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8 Years 8 months post DS

Sep 01, 2017

Been struggling with a bit of weight gain, but managing it with dietary change and exercise! My biggest concern is my kidney stones, I've had lithotripsy and stents because of them. My last stone in January was 12 mm, they're hell even with drinking tons of water! I'm worried about my kidneys being damaged going forward and really considering a revision surgery! I haven't spoken with my surgeon about it yet, just trying to do some research at the moment, I also have this huge incisional hernia to fix.

Any thoughts?



Mar 02, 2014

I have been so blessed since this surgery, but I've blown it. I am never sick, maybe a cold a year and I have gained over 50#'s so I'm depressed and devastated, that I let it get this far. Now it is going to be so hard to get back on track!!!! I'm not sure where to go for help to get back on track, I was thinking Lindora. I will keep u posted!!!!


Weight Gain

Mar 04, 2013

The dreaded gain!!! I'm so depressed about it too as it just piled on, 30lbs seems like overnight but occurred over last 8 months!! I only blame myself. I have to admit I've been lax with my diet and only myself to blame, so time to get off the pity pot and fix this!


Slowing Down

Feb 04, 2010

I need to get on here a little more often, if for not for any other reason but to keep myself on track. I just passed my 1 year surgiversary January 28th and I am down 100lbs....I am happy, but since my last doctor's visit I think i've lost 3 lbs which has been about 3 months now already. He was a little concerned that i was losing too quickly so now I need to get on track and speed up again. I'd be happy if i could lose another 30 lbs, but not sure if I can do it.....I have no idea what my levels are, because I haven't had any blood work done in a year, but i am taking my calcium, vits and irons every day....

Almost 9 Week Post-Op Update

Mar 29, 2009

All and all things are going pretty good. I'm back to work full swing without missing a abeat, but I have to say I'm looking for a job that allows me more time to spend with my kids, they are young and need me to be more present!!!
I am happy with my weight loss so far and have surprised myself at how well Ihave stuck (for the most part) to the basic principles, water first, protein, then everything else. So as not to lose too much too quickly and have everything sag, my surgeon told me "to eat a slice of cake" once in a while, but to be honest anything too sweet doesn't work for me anymore, so I stay away from it.
I get my carbs from whole wheat bread, if I need it and I stay away from pasta and rice, but have a french fry off my kids plates once in a while!!!! So far I am almost 50#s down in 9 weeks, I think thats pretty good and I got a new hair do this week, so I will have to upload some new pics soon............................

3 Week Post-Op Update

Feb 16, 2009

Well I will be 3 weeks post GRDS surgery tomorrow. Today is the first day I haven't felt the need to take a nap. Surgery went well, Dr keshishian  is amazing and I am progressing according to plan. I won't say its been easy going, at first nothing tasted or smelled the same and that was really hard for me, I am trying, but still struggling with getting my daily water in, but its getting easier day by day. I am accepting that my stomach is much smaller than it was and I just eat things that are soft and go down easy, cottage cheese, tuna, fish, just a couple of bites at a time between sips. If I push the envelope, which i have once or twice by eating something I thought I craved, it comes back, so I'm adjusting.
I have 3 more weeks off before I go back to work, so I need to make sure I can function at full capacity by then, by being able to drink my water and get adequate protein in.
I can't do the shakes, they make me vomit!!! so I'm really trying to get adequate protein in. My husband has been amazing, don't know what I would have done without him.
I have a few concerns, osteoporosis and hair loss. I was losing my hair long before i had surgery, I remember it coming out in clumps, I assume because my diet was so bad, sooooooooo as not to bring any more bad karma where my hair is concerned I started a hair, nail and skin vitamin and will try to keep an eye on things and will keep Biotin in mind should things get worse.
My calcium level was low before surgery, so I was already on my way to osteoporosis it seems before surgery (I drank Coke and Dr Pepper like H2O, which was probably depleting the calcium from my bones and the thought of either now, makes my stomach turn). Dr K gave me some IV calcium in the hospital and I am taking 1600mg calcium citrate twice daily, sometimes 3 times daily as well as the little extra I get in my diet. 

Finding An Angel

Jan 13, 2009

I found my angel. She's local and I feel a lot better now. Things are looking up, just anxious for my surgery, it cant come fast enough!! Woooohooooo.. I have my pre-op appointment 1/26/'09

I need an Angel

Jan 10, 2009

I'm scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks and I would really like to have an angel for support. I'm getting a little nervous, not about the pain. I actually do ok with that, I just guess all the things that could go wrong keep going through my mind. I am sooooooo busy with work, its hard to get time to get prepared  and I really need to get my paperwork, disability etc done.  I'm figuering I'll be off work about six weeks.

Surgery Date Change

Jan 05, 2009

Well its official 1/27/'09 is the official date for the switch. I am excited but also a little apprehensive. I'm sure everything will be fine, but don't like the thought of maybe giving up a little control for a while. This gives me a few weeks to prepare, get the protein and all that I will need post op.

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