3 Week Post-Op Update

Feb 16, 2009

Well I will be 3 weeks post GRDS surgery tomorrow. Today is the first day I haven't felt the need to take a nap. Surgery went well, Dr keshishian  is amazing and I am progressing according to plan. I won't say its been easy going, at first nothing tasted or smelled the same and that was really hard for me, I am trying, but still struggling with getting my daily water in, but its getting easier day by day. I am accepting that my stomach is much smaller than it was and I just eat things that are soft and go down easy, cottage cheese, tuna, fish, just a couple of bites at a time between sips. If I push the envelope, which i have once or twice by eating something I thought I craved, it comes back, so I'm adjusting.
I have 3 more weeks off before I go back to work, so I need to make sure I can function at full capacity by then, by being able to drink my water and get adequate protein in.
I can't do the shakes, they make me vomit!!! so I'm really trying to get adequate protein in. My husband has been amazing, don't know what I would have done without him.
I have a few concerns, osteoporosis and hair loss. I was losing my hair long before i had surgery, I remember it coming out in clumps, I assume because my diet was so bad, sooooooooo as not to bring any more bad karma where my hair is concerned I started a hair, nail and skin vitamin and will try to keep an eye on things and will keep Biotin in mind should things get worse.
My calcium level was low before surgery, so I was already on my way to osteoporosis it seems before surgery (I drank Coke and Dr Pepper like H2O, which was probably depleting the calcium from my bones and the thought of either now, makes my stomach turn). Dr K gave me some IV calcium in the hospital and I am taking 1600mg calcium citrate twice daily, sometimes 3 times daily as well as the little extra I get in my diet. 


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