Almost 9 Week Post-Op Update

Mar 29, 2009

All and all things are going pretty good. I'm back to work full swing without missing a abeat, but I have to say I'm looking for a job that allows me more time to spend with my kids, they are young and need me to be more present!!!
I am happy with my weight loss so far and have surprised myself at how well Ihave stuck (for the most part) to the basic principles, water first, protein, then everything else. So as not to lose too much too quickly and have everything sag, my surgeon told me "to eat a slice of cake" once in a while, but to be honest anything too sweet doesn't work for me anymore, so I stay away from it.
I get my carbs from whole wheat bread, if I need it and I stay away from pasta and rice, but have a french fry off my kids plates once in a while!!!! So far I am almost 50#s down in 9 weeks, I think thats pretty good and I got a new hair do this week, so I will have to upload some new pics soon............................


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